[Archivesspace_Users_Group] setting encodinganalog and other attributes related to XML export

Custer, Mark mark.custer at yale.edu
Sun Oct 11 15:27:50 EDT 2020

Dear Amanda,

There's no way to do this in the staff interface.

This could be accomplished with a plugin, however.  Alternatively, you could add a transformation step after extracting the EAD file from ArchivesSpace.  At Yale, we rely on both approaches.  I will usually only take the plugin approach when the data would not be available otherwise (e.g. changing how the default ASpace EAD export handles creators linked as "sources"), since I find there is a lot more flexibility if you keep local transformations separate from the serialization process. So, in this case, if these attributes are required, and if you have the ability to modify the files after they are exported, then I would recommend adding those sorts of transformation rules to a publication process outside of ArchivesSpace.  If either of those approaches are possible to add on your end, though, then I could provide a brief proof-of-concept for how to do that.

All that said, I'm curious if you can say more about how you use the encodinganalog attribute right now?  In my experience, people primarily use @encodinganalog in EAD to illustrate mappings to the MARC standard, following the examples in the EAD Tag Library and EAD Cookbook, while at the same time, perhaps, keeping archival encodings in the shadow of MARC AMC. I'd be in favor of removing this attribute (and @relatedencoding) from future versions of EAD (it's not something I've seen in other schemas like MODS, TEI, etc.), so I am especially curious on how it's being used.


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Hello -

Is there a way in ArchivesSpace to set encodinganalog information and
other attributes for XML export purposes, such as for basic notes like
scopecontent, acqinfo,and accessrestrict?

Thanks for any thoughts,


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