[Archivesspace_Users_Group] EAD via API - character problem

Kennedy, Nancy KennedyN at si.edu
Fri Mar 27 13:41:08 EDT 2020

Hi all –
Today I noticed that if I export an EAD with “Yin-Hsü” directly from the archivesspace, my EAD results carry through with the correct encoding.

But, when I export locally via the API, I end up with “Yin-Hs端”.   I’m using python 3.7.4, via local windows machine.  I’ve tried both archivessnake and just using requests, but I still end up with 端.

Suggestions?  Here’s what I’m doing via asnake:

export_options = '?include_daos=true&?include_unpublished=false&?numbered_cs=false'
for i in resource_ids:
ead = client.get(repo['uri']
                             + export_options).text

Nancy Kennedy
Smithsonian Institution
kennedyn at si.edu

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