[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Agent records in ArchivesSpace and compound or hyphenated surnames

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Since the agent template is built to be compatible with LC's Name Authority File and we heavily use the LC NAF plugin, we follow the guidelines from RDA and MARC Authority Format to fill it in.  This will hopefully prevent double files in the future.  Catalogers set up and/or review the agent records and they are all experienced in setting up headings as MARC records either for NACO or in our local file.

We determine what the last name is based on the guidelines in RDA which usually says that hyphenated names are treated as the last name and compound names are set up based on the preference of the agents country of origin.  The guidelines for most countries can be found in the IFLA names of persons document at:  https://www.ifla.org/node/4953

So this means that everything to the left of the comma in a MARC authority record goes in the primary name field.  If no comma (i.e. surname) then put the name in the primary name field, e.g. Margaret, $c Sister => put Margaret in primary name field.

$q's go in the Fuller Form field

$c's are tricky and you'll have to use judgment for where the information goes, e.g. Prefix, Suffix, Title or Qualifier.

$b's go in the Number field

$d's go in the Dates field


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Dear all,

Are there any repositories on the list using ArchivesSpace for agent records who would be willing to share any guidance they have prepared for users/cataloguers about creating agent records? I'm specifically interested in conventions for entering compound and hyphenated surnames or last names.

Any advice would be really helpful.

Best wishes,


Natalie Adams
Systems Archivist
Cambridge University Library

Natalie Adams
Systems Archivist
Cambridge University Library
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