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The snippet you provided below looks fine.  Can you attach an example EAD file?

Given the error about the "indicator" missing, though, it's possible that the file has an empty container tag in the EAD (e.g. <container type='box'></container>).  If so, that would likely cause an error since every top container requires a container indicator (e.g. "1", from your EAD snippet).

It also seems like the error is saying that the container element in question has a "class" attribute, which it shouldn't (although that should just be ignored by the importer), but it's impossible to say without seeing the full EAD file.

Unfortunately the import error message won't give you a line number in the EAD file, but if you have specific ID attributes in your file, that can really help to hunt down the errors.  For instance, if you added something like id='amitheproblem_1' to the first container element, id='amitheproblem_2' to the next, etc, then when the ArchivesSpace importer hits the first error, it should return that ID value after the "In:" part of the message.


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Hello all!

I am importing a container list using a brief EAD and I keep getting the following message:




The following errors were found:

              indicator : Property is required but was missing

For JSONModel(:top_container):

 #<JSONModel(:top_container) {"jsonmodel_type"=>"top_container", "active_restrictions"=>[], "container_locations"=>[], "series"=>[], "collection"=>[], "uri"=>"/repositories/import/top_containers/import_4ba44ff1-d7a5-4818-aa78-25d4150a6ca9", "type"=>"box"}>

In :

 <container class="cdata" label="Box" type="box"> ... </container>


Here is what one of my containers looks like:

<c02 id="ref2" level="file">  <did>  <unittitle>America</unittitle>  <unitdate normal="1956/1981" type="inclusive">1956-1981</unitdate>  <container type="box" label="Box">1</container>            <container type="Folder">1</container>      </did> </c02>

I can’t tell what “property” I am missing?  I have imported a lot of container lists using this method and have had no issues.  Did something change that now requires me to add an additional “property”?  Please advise.

All the best,


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