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Knox, Ashley M. knoxa at uncw.edu
Wed Jul 1 12:24:48 EDT 2020

After implementing human readable URLs, did anyone see this in the staff interface beside the new field labels?

'translation missing: resource.public_url' and 'translation missing:resource.slug'

It should only say public url and slug.

Thank you for any tips.

Of the available options, we changed these two items from false to true.

use_human_readable_URLs - determines whether the options for creating human-readable URLs are shown in the staff interface<https://nam05.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Farchivesspace.atlassian.net%2Fwiki%2Fspaces%2FArchivesSpaceUserManual%2Fpages%2F894828545%2FGlossary&data=01%7C01%7Cknoxa%40uncw.edu%7C663bcb8b17c74562e53608d81db83311%7C2213678197534c75af2868a078871ebf%7C1&sdata=uYRAgmZQEDsQ%2FuZc%2BvpvlMW4SvqhI7qEksya055crMI%3D&reserved=0> and whether the URL shown in the public user interface for a record is the human-readable URL. (In order to prevent broken links, if this option was turned on at one time and then was turned off, the slugs created during that time remain in the records and the associated URLs will still work, but they will not be visible or editable through the staff interface. Only if the slugs are removed from the records will those URLs cease to work.)

auto_generate_slugs_with_id - by default, auto-generated slugs are based on the name or title in the record. If you choose this option, records with meaningful identifiers (like accessions and resources) will have slugs based on those IDs. Within this configuration there are two additional options.

Ashley Knox
Digital Initiatives Librarian
Randall Library
University of North Carolina Wilmington
knoxa at uncw.edu<mailto:knoxa at uncw.edu>

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