[Archivesspace_Users_Group] question about customizing search features in the ArchivesSpace PUI

Steele, Henry Henry.Steele at tufts.edu
Tue Jan 7 17:08:31 EST 2020

Good afternoon,

I work at Tufts University in cooperation with the Digital Collections & Archives.   I am working on various changes to the public user interface.  Many of you helped with questions before, which were a great help!

There's a change we want to make to search results.   I suspect it may involve getting into controllers and the functioning of ASpace, but I wanted to check, and ask if anyone has a plugin that does this sort of thing.

We want to change the sort options for search results so that archival objects appear at the top, then collections, then everything else.  So by json_modeltype, with two of the highest precedence.

I thought of doing this in jquery, but this wouldn't work because that would only sort the results on the page.

This may require development, but I wondered if someone had a direction to point me in, or if they had a plugin that could be modified.


Henry Steele
Systems Librarian
Tufts University Library Technology Services

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