[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Collection Organization not populating on v2.8.1

Blake Carver blake.carver at lyrasis.org
Wed Dec 2 15:53:08 EST 2020

I'm not sure what to make of that JavaScript stuff, it might be related, though hopefully that's not the real problem.

When you upgraded to 2.8, did you start over with a totally empty /data/ directory? If not, I'd suggest doing a full reindex. I know that indexing troubles can make those tabs empty when they should have stuff. Maybe it's looping or just not done yet, or something is wrong somehow.
stop archivesspace
rm -rf /data/*
start archivesspace

Let it run until the indexing is totally finished up, watch the logs for a loop and/or errors.
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Hi all,

We've recently started testing v2.8.1 and are stuck on an issue on the public interface side. On the Collection Organization tab of a resource (i.e. repositories/4/resources/6423/collection_organization), the left-side pane is empty; whereas with v2.7.2 it contained the collection objects as you would expect. The data is identical between our test instance and our production instance so we are able to compare both versions side-by-side.

When inspecting the page on the browser, we can see the top level object still populates with the correct data-urls, but there are no child objects underneath it:
<div class="waypoint populated" data-waypoint-number="0" data-waypoint-size="20" data-uris="/repositories/4/resources/6423;/repositories/4/archival_objects/571053;/repositories/4/archival_objects/571055;/repositories/4/archival_objects/571057;/repositories/4/archival_objects/571061;/repositories/4/archival_objects/571063;/repositories/4/archival_objects/571065;/repositories/4/archival_objects/571067;/repositories/4/archival_objects/571069"> </div>

Furthermore, the console is reporting errors coming from the Javascript code:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined
    at Object.r.uri_to_parts (largetree-6541a51b3fceaac15ebc7b1a7f5155d473ee5cc35f3b337cb0ac844dd66f0666.js:1)
    at Object.r.uri_to_tree_id (largetree-6541a51b3fceaac15ebc7b1a7f5155d473ee5cc35f3b337cb0ac844dd66f0666.js:1)
    at e (treesync-0bcad7c81eb2991851e7ba2552a688032d6a805079546b7cb3cec080e69ed223.js:1)
    at treesync-0bcad7c81eb2991851e7ba2552a688032d6a805079546b7cb3cec080e69ed223.js:1
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getBoundingClientRect' of undefined
    at n (infinite_scroll-16451f8d2fd84b07c84998a7bc75e9bad2276ca21b383c7098a623163ab40c66.js:1)
    at o.scrollToRecord (infinite_scroll-16451f8d2fd84b07c84998a7bc75e9bad2276ca21b383c7098a623163ab40c66.js:1)
    at infinite_scroll-16451f8d2fd84b07c84998a7bc75e9bad2276ca21b383c7098a623163ab40c66.js:1

No errors or warnings are being recorded in the logs on the server though.

Has anyone else run into this issue or have ideas to further debug this?


Megan Schanz
Developer and System Administrator
Michigan State University Libraries

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