[Archivesspace_Users_Group] proxy rewriting gone awry

Kimberli Kelmor kk1210 at georgetown.edu
Tue Jul 23 15:26:13 EDT 2019

I will try the reindexing tonight.

The apache error log had a ton of proxy errors, all of which were blocking
localhost or refusing connection. A connection will be refused, a
connection will fail, 'worker' for local host will be disabled for 60
seconds, and finally local host is disabled. Then the cycle repeats. All
the localhost calls are supposed to be re-written aren't they?

Thanks again,

I’m not very good at this, there are smarter folks than me out there,
But when I run into a funky problem like that I re-index and it fixes it.

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Subject: [Archivesspace_Users_Group] proxy rewriting gone awry

All of a sudden today the public link to the repositories is broken.
The public can list the repositories, but when they click on a link it
gets a 404 not found.

 The url for the list of repositories is
-- this works
  The url for one of the repositories is
-- this does not work

If I manually make it
-- this works for the actual content, but the images are broken.

I'm new to all this, but is something messing up the proxy settings or
is that barking up the wrong tree?

Everything (config.rb and apache conf.d) is set up per the 'running
archivesspace under a prefix' documentation.

Running version 2.6.0 -- but that has been running for about a week
with no problem.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Kimberli M. Kelmor
Head of Law Library Technology
Georgetown University Law Librarykk1210 at georgetown.edu
at georgetown.edu

Kimberli M. Kelmor
Head of Law Library Technology
Georgetown University Law Library
kk1210 at georgetown.edu
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