[Archivesspace_Users_Group] New release of aspace-import-excel plugin

Bobbi Fox bobbi at bobbifox.net
Fri Jan 18 11:04:01 EST 2019

This message may be of interest to those Windows users who wish to install 
the aspace-import-excel plugin (and possibly other plugins).

The release of Bundler 2.0 
(https://bundler.io/blog/2019/01/03/announcing-bundler-2.html) caused 
ArchivesSpace startup failure after
    scripts\initialize-plugins.bat aspace-import-excel
was run, due to Bundler version collision.

While a Pull Request has now been filed to the core ArchivesSpace repo, 
the new Release v2.1.18 
contains a temporary fix to this problem (read steps 3 and 4 of the 
Installation Instructions).

As the problem with the initialization script is generic, installation of 
other plugins may also cause the same problem.  If that is the case for 
your installation, please see 
for a potential solution.

In all cases, if you are not starting from a clean download of the plugin, 
be sure to remove/delete Gemfile.lock before running the script.


(No longer at Harvard, but still supporting aspace-import-excel)

Bobbi Fox  bobbi at bobbifox.net
Database-driven and Web-enabled applications development

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