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It's probably possible to do this via SQL queries, but it would require a
fairly complex query to effectively rebuild the Resource record.  It would
likely be easier to do this via requests against the API, which can return
a list of all Resources in a repository; from there, you can query those
Resources and extract their Extents.

After logging in via the API, you can use this endpoint to get a list of
all Resources in a given repository:
(removing the brackets when substituting in your API address and repo ID)

This will return a list of Resource IDs.  You can pass each one to the
Resource endpoint:
(again, removing brackets)

This will return the full JSON representation of the Resource.  The extent
metadata lives in the 'extents' field; from there, you can extract the
information that you need (e.g. the extent number, container summary,
extent type, etc.).

Hope this helps - if you haven't worked with the API before, I'll be happy
to send along tutorials/resources.


On Mon, Feb 25, 2019 at 6:05 PM Danielle Butler <dbutler at cals.org> wrote:

> I am trying to query our MySQL database to get a list of resource
> identifiers with corresponding extent numbers. I have been fighting with it
> for a while and I can get a list of extent numbers with no associated
> resource information with included extents for accessions. With no apparent
> way to discern which is which (I don’t want both accessions and resource
> extent data because the data with be duplicative for processed
> collections). I can get a list of resources, but without extent info. Does
> anyone know of a way to get both out of the database?
> Thanks,
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