[Archivesspace_Users_Group] ASpace database constraints

Huebschen, Alan M ahueb2 at uis.edu
Fri Dec 20 09:43:58 EST 2019

Good morning all,

I've been working with some test instances of our database and I need to remove some records in bulk. We are currently running ASpace against a MySQL instance and I am attempting to remove all traces of specific records from the tables.

Easily enough I can delete the records from the resource table after disabling foreign key checks, however it appears that there is information left over in other tables making Solr an unhappy camper. I created an EER diagram in MySQL Workbench to try and figure out which records are tied together, but as someone who is fairly new to database work it's a bit of a headache to wrap my mind around.

>From the research I've done, some records can be set as a parent and with a cascade setting the child records in other tables will be removed when the parent is removed. I've looked at some of the table settings but I haven't been able to figure out what needs to be removed to clean up the db or what the proper order of removal would be.

Has anyone here removed resource table entries and their associated records with success? How can I go about figuring out what I need to remove and/or how to remove it?

-Alan Huebschen

University of Illinois at Springfield

Brookens Library Information Systems
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