[Archivesspace_Users_Group] trying to remove several links in PUI

Custer, Mark mark.custer at yale.edu
Tue Aug 13 08:51:27 EDT 2019


If that line is uncommented by removing the # characters, then the “Accessions” tab should (hopefully!) be removed from the navigation menu.  Here’s the setting that we’re currently using for our navigation menu:

AppConfig[:pui_hide] = {
  repositories:       false,
  resources:        false,
  digital_objects:    true,
  accessions:         true,
  subjects:         false,
  agents:           false,
  classifications:    true,
  search_tab:         false,
  accession_badge:    true,
  record_badge:       true,
  container_inventory:  false,
  classification_badge: true,

As for the “pui_enable_staff_link” setting, I *think* that setting just governs the “Staff Only” edit button that will appear in the PUI interface if a user is also logged into the corresponding ASpace staff interface in the same browser (which is actually my favorite feature of the PUI right now 😊).  I’ve attached a screenshot that shows that looks like, to be clear.

As for the “Visit ArchivesSpace.org” link, I think that might have to be overridden in a view with a plugin?  See https://github.com/archivesspace/archivesspace/blob/master/public/app/views/shared/_footer.html.erb (it doesn’t look, to me at least, like a setting could override whether that staff link displays, but  you could remove it with it with a plugin that overrides that view with a footer of your own design).  We’re back on version 2.4, so I don’t actually recall.  What version of ArchivesSpace are you on?

Also, in case it helps, here’s most of our config.rb settings:  https://github.com/YaleArchivesSpace/aspace-deployment/blob/master/prod/config.rb

All my best,


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I’m also trying to remove some items from the top menu, and although by default they seem to be suppressed in the config file, they still appear.

## Don't display the accession ("unprocessed material") link on the main navigation menu
## AppConfig[:pui_hide][:accessions] = true

Henry Steele
Systems Librarian
Tufts University Library Technology Services

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Subject: [Archivesspace_Users_Group] trying to remove several links in PUI

Good afternoon,

I have been trying to remove several links in the PUI of our dev ArchivesSpace  instance here at Tufts.  I was able to remove the help link, but according to the documentation at https://archivesspace.github.io/archivesspace/user/configuring-archivesspace/#AppConfig%5B%3Apui_enable_staff_link%5D<https://nam05.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Farchivesspace.github.io%2Farchivesspace%2Fuser%2Fconfiguring-archivesspace%2F%23AppConfig%255B%253Apui_enable_staff_link%255D&data=02%7C01%7Cmark.custer%40yale.edu%7Ca9a7d90f97284900a31808d71f6223b1%7Cdd8cbebb21394df8b4114e3e87abeb5c%7C0%7C1%7C637012378693875277&sdata=MD1xKgS9fr9X2gqkP8S0zboTkTlb%2B%2B4%2F0Dn%2FOpyW5l8%3D&reserved=0>   I should be able to suppress the link back to the staff interface with this line

AppConfig[:pui_enable_staff_link] = false

By changing the value to false as I have here, and uncommenting it.  However, despite restarting the interface, this change has not taken effect.  Has anyone had similar issues, or do you know if there are other steps involved in removing this links, as well as the link to “Visit ArchivesSpace.org”?

Henry Steele
Systems Librarian
Tufts University Library Technology Services

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