[Archivesspace_Users_Group] MARC export in v 2.5

Christine Di Bella christine.dibella at lyrasis.org
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Hi Sue,

Updates to the MARCXML export have been included in several recent releases of ArchivesSpace. These changes have been the result of an updated mapping and individual issues submitted by ArchivesSpace community members and went through the review and testing process. One of the additions was including relators for agents when there is a value in the relator field. That said, supplying a value of "subject" for agents with a role of subject when there is no relator is not intended behavior and we'll get that bug fixed for the next release.

More generally, to explain a little more about how the exports work, we maintain one mapping for each, with the intent that it covers broadly agreed upon needs. More specific needs can be accommodated locally via either the use of a custom export plugin or processing the MARCXML with stylesheets or macros outside of ArchivesSpace. Besides changing appearance things like colors and logos, this is probably one of the most common types of customizations people make to the staff interface. So I know people here are likely to have lots of great examples of how they're doing this, but we can provide some more specific guidance on that too.


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HI all,

We just upgraded to 2.5 and I am seeing some interesting things happening in the MARC export.  First, a subfield b is being added to the 041, and subfield e is being added to 600 and 610 fields.  Is there any way to turn these off? The relator term "subject" in a 6xx field seems rather redundant.


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