[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Publish All workflows

Kennedy, Nancy KennedyN at si.edu
Thu Sep 13 08:20:33 EDT 2018

Hello all,
We have had a few cases where users hit the 'Publish All' button for collections containing 'internal' archival_objects or notes (i.e. where the EAD @audience is "internal").

I wonder how other institutions handle collections with 'internal' content?  What workflows or fail-safes do you use?  Given that publish all can result in thousands of internal ao or notes flipping to public, without an easy undo, I wonder what kinds of plugins or workflow steps we can take to prevent this happening again.

In our situation, an ideal solution would be to separate 'publish' into 2 distinct checkboxes : one for status (publish true/false) and one for audience (internal / external).  Which would of course be quite involved.  It does however seem like it would be helpful all around if 'Publish?' vs 'Audience?' could be separate elements, so that I can protect internal audience material from publishing.

What do you all think?


Nancy Kennedy
Smithsonian Institution
kennedyn at si.edu

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