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Busch, Ed buschedw at msu.edu
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Oh, duh. I should of known to look there. :)


Ed Busch
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Hi Ed,

Here are the config options.

# :report_volume if true the report will show the cubic volume,
#                   otherwise linear based on extent dimension
# :unit values = :inches, :feet, :centimeters, :meters
#                defaults to the first unit it finds when calculating extent
# :decimal_places = the number of decimal places to show in the extent value
#                   defaults to 2
AppConfig[:container_management_extent_calculator] = {
  :report_volume => false,
  :unit => :feet,
  :decimal_places => 3

So, just set :report_volume to true and you should be good.


On Jun 21, 2018, at 6:50 AM, Busch, Ed <buschedw at msu.edu<mailto:buschedw at msu.edu>> wrote:

Does the ASpace Extent Calculation only do linear feet or can it do cubic feet? I've tried changing the Extent Dimension but that doesn't seem to effect the units.

Ed Busch
Electronic Records Archivist
MSU Archives

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