[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Any doing CAS (Central Authentication Service) for ArchivesSpace 2.* ?

Fox, Bobbi bobbi_fox at harvard.edu
Thu Jul 26 16:12:25 EDT 2018

Hi, all,

We're trying to implement a CAS client for our ArchivesSpace instance.  I tried to use the plugin at https://github.com/dartmouth-dltg/aspace-omniauth-cas  , but

[technical details can be skipped:
   that's using a Rubygem (omniauth-cas) that requires the omniauth gem at a version level that in turn requires a
different version of the rack gem than Aspace uses, so there's a gem conflict.
  The omaniauth-cas gem hasn't been updated since September, 2016!
<end of tech details > ]

Are other Aspace users using a different CAS client, or am I going to have to try rolling my own?

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