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Fox, Bobbi bobbi_fox at harvard.edu
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As the developer:
  I don’t wrap the pry in the group development block, because when one of you kind remote users of this plugin has a problem, it might be helpful to refer to the log where unexpected errors get dumped via Pry::ColorPrinter

In terms of the gemfile dependency issues, I thought I had them fixed in  version v2.0.1  (https://github.com/harvard-library/aspace-import-excel/releases/tag/v2.0.1)  (although I just noticed that I hadn’t closed the issue; Steve: are you still having the problem with v2.0.1?)

We aren’t using CentOS, so I can’t speak to Jessika’s problems.

Feel free to reach out to me directly to pursue either of these issues.


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Using it with v2.2.2 with CentOS 6.9. But I had to manually fix the Gemfile dependency issue by removing the version number for ‘pry’ :


But if GEM incompatibility is the problem, I don’t think ArchivesSpace will start up at all. But I could be wrong.

What sort of loss of functionality are you seeing ?

( BTW: Is there any reason for pry to be packaged in production for this plugin instead of being wrapped in  ‘group :development do’ block ?  )

— Steve M.

On Jan 16, 2018, at 4:00 PM, Drmacich, Jessika <jgd1 at williams.edu<mailto:jgd1 at williams.edu>> wrote:

Dear all,

Has anyone experienced losing functionality with ArchivesSpace spreadsheet import plugin<https://github.com/harvard-library/aspace-import-excel> with the most current update?  Simply, has anyone installed it and has it running on the latest ArchivesSpace CentOS 7?

My very best,


Jessika Drmacich
Records Manager & Digital Resources Archivist
Williams College Libraries
Special Collections
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