[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Related Agents link strangeness

Bowers, Kate A. kate_bowers at harvard.edu
Tue Jan 2 17:33:11 EST 2018

I think it is really searching:
University OR of OR Denver

Try keying in  University AND Denver and see if you have better luck.

(Annoying default OR operator is annoying.)


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We've noticed some peculiar behavior when adding Related Agent links to Corporate Entity records in ArchivesSpace. When typing the name of the Agent we wish to link in the Related Agents form, the typeahead drop-down list populates with unrelated terms. For example, if we were to try and enter a University of Denver constituent unit as the later form of a name for a different DU corporate entity, typing "university of denver" into the text field brings up a drop-down list of mostly Family records. This only happens when the search string contains spaces; searches on a single word bring up more or less the results we would expect.

Two screenshots are attached: one with the results when "university" is the search, and one with the results when "university of denver" is the search (the drop-down results are the same whether or not the period is included).

Has anyone else noticed anything like this?

thanks!  -k

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