[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Problems with Accessions CSV upload

Custer, Mark mark.custer at yale.edu
Thu Dec 20 14:08:54 EST 2018


It looks like that error means that the conversion process is trying to replace some text (using “sub”), but there’s no text there at the point that it’s trying to do the replacement (hence the “nil” part).  Hard to say exactly what would be causing that without seeing the CSV file, though.  Looking at the code, it seems likely that it could be caused by a date or an agent link, perhaps.  The dates are transformed a bit during the process, so I’d review those first (the accession dates, and any event-related dates)

If it’s completely unclear what could be causing the issue when reviewing the file, one strategy is just to delete half of the rows, and then try the import again.  If it fails, delete half and try again.  Of course, that’s hoping that not every row has the same issue, but that’s good to know, too 😊


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Hi Caitlin,

I never know what the error messages mean, but it is probably something within the spreadsheet. Are you able to send the CSV (or a sample of it, esp. if it contains sensitive data)?


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Subject: [Archivesspace_Users_Group] Problems with Accessions CSV upload

Hi all,

I'm trying to upload accessions via the CSV and keep getting the same error. Every time I try to run the background job, it fails and I get the following message:

Error: #<NoMethodError: undefined method `sub' for nil:NilClass>

What does this error message mean? Is there an easy fix for this that I can do within the spreadsheet and without a programmer?


Caitlin R. Wells
Collection Services Librarian, Special Collections Research Center
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 48109
P: (734) 763-7901
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