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Kari R Smith smithkr at mit.edu
Tue Nov 28 14:34:12 EST 2017

To add to this thread, a gap in the current functionality of ArchivesSpace is a place to note actual Processing actions – more than just in a Processing Notes field.  For me, this would include being able to trace items back to an accession record, noting what’s been weeded, moved, etc. especially after a collection has been actively used by researchers (this would give a trace for when a citation says xx is in box 5 but it’s now in box 10 or has been removed due to additional processing work.)  In most cases, I would want this information not Public, but in structured data so it could be queried or reported.

Is anyone working on a Processing module?  I know there has been a Collection Assessment module in the works.


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Hi Jordon,

I would be interested in this functionality.  I seldom get a complete record group in one accession, so I am constantly adding accessions to my record groups.  Sign me up as someone willing to push for this functionality!


VivianLea Solek
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[Inactive hide details for Jordon Steele ---11/28/2017 11:57:30 AM---Hi all, We have an interest in linking archival objects (i.]Jordon Steele ---11/28/2017 11:57:30 AM---Hi all, We have an interest in linking archival objects (i.e. the levels below collection level) in

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Subject: [Archivesspace_Users_Group] Linking related accessions below collection level
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Hi all,

We have an interest in linking archival objects (i.e. the levels below collection level) in resource records back to the accessions they came from. The situation that precipitated discussion about this possibility was that we have one series of materials that is associated with multiple accession records.

Unless I’m missing something, the only way one can currently link to accessions from resource records is at the collection level. There is no “Related accessions” feature at levels below that.

The way we’re doing this now is creating an accruals note at the appropriate level and typing the accession number into the free text field, but having a direct link between the two would be handy. For born-digital collections, we are also linking the original containers from which the digital content came to the appropriate level in the resource record using the instance module.

I’m wondering if others in the community have discussed or considered this before.




Jordon Steele
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