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We use this field to record opaque (e.g. Voyager ILS bib record unique ID), semantic (accession number/call number + sequential numbers), and mixed identifiers (opaque ID + box/folder numbers + sequential numbers).

We generally try to prescribe that the Voyager ID be a component for all new projects, but some legacy data have their own conventions. We use this ID in our external digital repository metadata, so it makes for good synergy.


John P. Rees
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Hi, Elizabeth,

I can only answer the second question: at Harvard, we are replacing 'Digital Object' with  'Digital Material' (we also changed the color to green, but we've done some heavy styling changes).



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Hi everyone (and apologies for cross-posting):

We're working on digital object best practices at JHU, namely deciding what fields will be required and any rules governing the use of those fields. It's raised a few questions for us, and I am wondering what other institutions are doing:

-Identifier field: what do you populate this with? We have yet to decide, but options tossed around have included DOIs, duplicating what's in the title field, or using the related accession/collection number.

-For those using the PUI v 2.1 or later, have you left the red text denoting a digital object as 'digital object' or have you changed it to something else, such as 'digital content,' or 'digital copy'? Our consideration for this is what will be most user friendly.

Thank you!

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