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It looks like you’re using HTML elements there (e.g. span and q), and although the new PUI PDF process converts the ASpace JSON to HTML which is in turn converted to PDF, I don’t think that it expects to find HTML tags.  Given that this process is converting to HTML anyway, though, I’d assume that it would be pretty easy to update that process to keep all of the formatting as expected.  But you won’t get the same results when creating a PDF from the staff interface, since that process currently converts the ASpace JSON to EAD which is in turn converted to PDF, and the EAD to PDF process only expects to have to process EAD elements.

Also, if you ever export the EAD, or migrate the data to another system that’s not expecting HTML to be part of the archival data, you’ll need to transform those HTML elements to something else.  In our local instance, by policy we permit only EAD elements in ASpace for that very reason.


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I have a further question regarding the PUI PDF processing. We have just implemented v2.2.0 which is working very well, but have encountered  a problem with the PDF generated from the Print button. The PDF includes a lot of EAD tags for formatting such as:

The Holloway Press Launch. Includes copy of <span class="italic emph">The
University of Auckland News</span> article "Press keeps alive
traditional printing techniques", published in Vol. 24, No. 10, Nov/Dec
1994, p 27., Oct 1994

Instead of:

The Holloway Press Launch. Includes copy of The University of Auckland News article "Press keeps alive traditional printing techniques", published in Vol. 24, No. 10, Nov/Dec 1994, p 27.

This seems to be a similar issue to AR-1851. Should I post a new ticket?


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