[Archivesspace_Users_Group] API wizardry for batch editing

Tang, Lydia ltang5 at lib.msu.edu
Wed Nov 1 14:58:02 EDT 2017

Hello all,
Out of some foggy-headed data entry with RDE, I’ve realized that I will need to replace all of the date expressions for around 30 archival objects (see screen shot).  Is there some wizardry with the API I could use to batch fix this issue?  Also, it seems like the RDE in 2.1+ requires the dates, which is a requirement for DACS, but I wasn’t sure if – in cases of minimal processing – whether it is required for all levels of description?  For example, if I have a collection materials entirely from 1996, of course I was planning to use the date in the collection-level description, but repeating it for all child elements seems kind of redundant -- although, I could be wrong.  Thanks for your thoughts!
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