[Archivesspace_Users_Group] applying config.rb settings with Apache reverse proxy

Majewski, Steven Dennis (sdm7g) sdm7g at eservices.virginia.edu
Wed Mar 15 15:29:23 EDT 2017

Although there are instructions for running ArchivesSpace with a prefix, I don’t believe it’s fully supported or tested. I did try to configure this at one time, but abandoned it after running into problems with the asset pipeline URLs. If you do want to see this feature working, please vote on it in Jira: it’s been a low priority in the past.


I just gave this a try on a test server, and it actually seems to work somewhat better that the last time I tried it. If you open the javascript console on your browser and you browse, you will see a bunch of 404 errors for hostname/assets/… ( i.e. /staff is not getting prefixed onto all of the javascript and css assets as it does for other URLs. )

Also: some redirects to the home page also omit the /staff prefix and send you back to the server root.
Some of those redirects appear to log me out as well, so when I go back to home I have to sign in again.

Despite the missing assets, most of the functionality appears to work for me, including editing top containers. Browsing top_containers after a search, however, doesn’t show any styling. It also doesn’t show any 404’s — it doesn’t appear to be trying to load any other resources. However, the view and edit buttons work for me.  Since top_containers are a new addition, it’s not surprising that it hasn’t been tested with that prefix option.

Most of the missing assets appear to be images which wouldn’t greatly affect the functionality of the page.
However, I did think I saw some 404’s for javascript files while browsing around, although I can’t find the source of it again to reproduce it. I expected more breakage than I’m seeing now.

You can probably kludge the staff interface into working by adding redirects for /assets to /staff/assets.
I tried this initially, but if you also want to run the public interface with a different prefix, the problem is that you will also have /assets that should be redirected to /public/assets, and no way to disambiguate the two.

— Steve Majewski

On Mar 15, 2017, at 1:37 PM, Kathleen Krause-Thompson <kkthompson at tsl.texas.gov<mailto:kkthompson at tsl.texas.gov>> wrote:

I've configured an Apache reverse proxy for the frontend URL using the following instructions:


Exception being that we chose to use a subdirectory instead of a prefix, as follows:

<VirtualHost *:443>
         ProxyPreserveHost On
         ProxyPass /staff http://aris.texas.gov:8080<http://aris.tsl.texas.gov:8080/>
         ProxyPassReverse /staff http://aris.texas.gov:8080<http://aris.tsl.texas.gov:8080/>

Then in the config.rb file I changed the AppConfig[:frontend_proxy_url] setting to:

         AppConfig[:frontend_proxy_url] = "https://aris.texas.gov/staff<https://aris.tsl.texas.gov/staff>"

With the configuration above, ASpace starts with no error messages, but there is a disconnect that causes problems with record editing processes. The URL, https://aris.texas.gov/staff/top_containers/8/edit, seems to not be able to carry out certain editing and browsing procedures.

I tried adding this setting to config.rb, AppConfig[:front_end]="https://aris.texas.gov/staff<https://aris.tsl.texas.gov/staff>", but that causes Jetty to fail when I restart ArchivesSpace.

I assume you meant AppConfig[:frontend_url] above. I don’t think you want to change that. Only the :frontend_proxy_url .

Are there settings to use in config.rb or elsewhere that will fix the issue in red?

Thanks for taking a look.

Kathleen Krause-Thompson
Texas State Library and Archives
Lead Developer Analyst


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