[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Report to count number of container types in a collection

Kayla Skillin kayla.skillin at boston.gov
Wed Mar 8 14:08:28 EST 2017


At the City of Boston Archives, we recently accessioned a large record
group that contains mostly volumes. To make sure that we have an accurate
inventory of every single volume, we were wondering if there was a report
that we could run in ArchivesSpace that allows us to count these volumes?
We are putting each volume in as an item and listing it as a volume in the
top container instance so the data should be there, it's just a matter of
extracting it.

This might already exist and I just can't figure it out, but, does anyone
have any insight into this?


[image: Digital_City_Seal_black.png]

Kayla Skillin

Assistant Archivist

City of Boston Archives

617.635.1195 (w)
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