[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Processors ability to delete?

Eric Milenkiewicz eric.milenkiewicz at ucr.edu
Tue Mar 7 15:35:26 EST 2017

Hi All,

We have recently hired/trained student employees on processing archival collections in ASpace, however we cannot seem to find a way of fine tuning the user permission groups to provide them with an appropriate level of access.

For example, the advanced/basic data entry staff and archivist levels do not allow permissions for resource component records to be deleted (which is often times needed while processing, as things change). This level of access is not achieved until the repository/project manager level which provides much greater permissions. Configuring the User Permission Groups also has not helped here since once the "delete the major record types in this repository" option is checked then entire Resource and Accession records can be deleted (a function we want to restrict to higher level staff).

Has anyone else run into this type of permissions issue? And if so, have you identified any workarounds?


Eric Milenkiewicz
Manuscripts Curator
Special Collections & University Archives
UCR Library

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