[Archivesspace_Users_Group] events question

Tang, Lydia ltang5 at mail.lib.msu.edu
Fri Jun 30 16:10:41 EDT 2017

Hi all,
In general, I’ve been kind of confused by the Events feature, which I understand was brought over from AT (I used Archon earlier).  I see that events automatically are created when migrating Resources between Repositories.  I also see that Events can be used for tracking processing, accessions, and a miriade of other functions.  I can definitely see the value of keeping track of all of the steps for the collections’ care, but I was wondering if it has ever been problematic or unneeded to have so many event records?  Is it ever problematic when the event tasks over lap the Collection Management processing information or Accessions?  Or to avoid overlapping, should those section within CM or Acessions be broken into connected event records?  I just am curious and would love to hear your thoughts!

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