[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Error when deleting location despite no linked records

Craig P Savino craig.savino at nyu.edu
Thu Jun 29 11:46:05 EDT 2017


Thank you! I had my suspicions that this was something that would get
resolved in one of the new updates.

- Craig

On Thu, Jun 29, 2017 at 11:42 AM, Mark Cooper <mark.cooper at lyrasis.org>

> Hi Craig,
> That error appears related to some leftover cruft from the container
> conversion upgrade. The housed_at_rlshp table is a legacy table related
> to the legacy container table (not top containers) and location. The v2.1.0
> release is under active testing, looking good for July, and removes all
> of the legacy data so it should resolve things for you (the release
> candidate is available if you want to test with a copy of your database:
> https://github.com/archivesspace/archivesspace/
> releases/download/v2.1.0-RC1/archivesspace-v2.1.0-RC1.zip).
> Best,
> Mark
> Mark Cooper
> Technical Lead, Hosting and Support
> email: mark.cooper at lyrasis.org
> skype: mark_c_cooper
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> Hello,
> We have not been able to replicate the following problem in the ASpace
> test instance, but were wondering if anyone else has run across this
> problem or may have recommendations in how to resolve it.
> After merging three separate repositories from Toolkit into ASpace we are
> left with many legacy locations that we would like to delete. However, in
> some cases we have run across locations that the system will not let us
> delete, giving the following error instead:
> Text of the error is the following:
> translation missing: en.validation_errors.record_deletion_failed__java__
> commysqljdbcexceptionsjdbc4__mysqlintegrityconstraintviolat
> ionexception__cannot_delete_or_update_a_parent_row__a_
> foreign_key_constraint_fails_(`asdb`.`housed_at_rlshp`__
> constraint_`housed_at_rlshp_ibfk_2`_foreign_key_(`
> location_id`)_references_`location`_(`id`))
> I have checked across all three repositories and cannot find any top
> container records linked to this location (or others which refuse to
> delete) so I am not sure why we are getting this error.
> Thanks,
> *Craig Savino*
> *Senior Processing Archivist*
> *Archival Collections Management, NYU*

*Craig Savino*
*Senior Processing Archivist*
*Archival Collections Management*
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