[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Cracking into an Archon Login Account for migrating to ArchiveSpace

Rob Green rob.green at uni.edu
Tue Jun 20 10:39:04 EDT 2017

Hi!  A stab in the dark, but but any of you know of a way to force entry
into an Archon admin account?   Like a secret "always works" password?   Or
is that just a thing in the movies?

I'm a web developer for the University of Northern Iowa who has the task of
migrating our old Archon data to our spiffy new ArchivesSpace account.
Sadly, the person who set up the account is no longer with us, and none of
our usual passwords seem to work.

I can get into the actual MySQL database just fine (to see everything)....I
just can't view it as an admin on the website, which as I understand it, I
need to be able to do in order to migrate.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated;  success may mean a shipped gift
of bratwursts from the nearby Amana Colonies.  :)

Thanks in advance!

*Rob Green   *rob.green at uni.edu
*Web Developer III*
*Chair, Library Organizational Development Committee*

*UNI P&S Council: At-Large Rep & Employee Relations Chair *Rod Library,
University of Northern Iowa (Room 231)
Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613-3675   | (319) 273-6273
about.me/robgreeniowa  | "Campaigner" (ENFP)
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