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Max Eckard eckardm at umich.edu
Fri Jun 2 16:59:54 EDT 2017

Hi Johna,

This thread from September of last year may be useful or at least give you
a potential point of contact:

What you want to do can probably be done via the ArchivesSpace API, and I
think a number of people have done some similar metadata
export/ArchivesSpace updating tasks in this way. We have a similar use
case--not between ArchivesSpace and Digital Commons, but ArchivesSpace and
DSpace, a system that does some of the same things.

We get the collection-level information from ArchivesSpace Resources to
DSpace Collections with a little command line program we wrote:
Basically, you point it at an ArchivesSpace Resource and it makes use of
the ArchivesSpace API and the DSpace API to take data from the former and
add it to the latter. It's definitely a homegrown thing for the very
particular way we do things here, but it sounds similar to what you need to
do and you could certainly make use of any or all of it.

For getting the information about individual ArchivesSpace Digital Objects
to DSpace, this essentially happens for us as part of an integration
between ArchivesSpace, Archivematica and DSpace, where scripts in
Archivematica handle getting information from ArchivesSpace Archival
Objects to ArchivesSpace Digital Objects and DSpace Items, and then URLs
from those DSpace Items back to ArchivesSpace. There's little bits and
pieces that seem relevant to your use case:

   - agentarchives, which interacts with the ArchivesSpace API (with
   various functions around getting info from resources and components in
   ArchivesSpace or posting to or updating those things in ArchivesSpace):
   - DSpace URLs (handles) back to ArchivesSpace, which I'm not sure you'd
   be able to do *without* using the API:

Again, different system, but similar principles and similar interaction
with ArchivesSpace via the API.

It looks like bepress is thinking about building out an API
which you could look into as well--maybe that could help?

Hope any of that helps!



On Wed, May 31, 2017 at 1:53 PM, Johna Von Behrens <
johnavonbehrens at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am looking for some information or advice on using AS and Digital
> Commons (DC) together.
> In AS there would be the regular finding aids and digital objects created.
> Create and run a report that would provide all the needed info to crosswalk
> the collection level info and digital materials to DC. Then possibly run a
> report in DC to get the URLs to throw back into the digital object record
> in AS.
> Is anyone doing or tried this?
> Thanks
> --
> Johna Von Behrens
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