[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Barcodes Disappearing from Database

Alexander Duryee alexanderduryee at nypl.org
Fri Jul 14 17:12:55 EDT 2017

We've started assigning barcodes in bulk via the Manage Top Containers
screen, and have run into a troubling issue.  Assigning barcodes to Top
Containers via the Rapid Barcode Entry screen has gone well; however,
ranges of barcodes (typically the last set done at once) will disappear
from the application without warning.  Examining the system log reveals
that the barcodes were not removed via the frontend or API - there are no
API calls that would have assigned a blank value to the containers.  More
perplexing, the missing barcodes do not manifest in the index - searching
the barcodes via the Manage Top Container screen would show them as being
present, but checking the container directly (or the backend database)
shows no barcode.  It's as if the data simply disappeared, with no obvious

NYPL has created a number of custom plugins, so it's not impossible that
one of them is causing the issue.  However, none of our plugins directly
modify the TopContainer model, so I doubt that one of them is causing the
issue.  We're on 1.5.1 still.

Has anyone else encountered an issue like this, or is there something I
should be on the lookout for that could be impacting our data?


Alexander Duryee
Metadata Archivist
New York Public Library
alexanderduryee at nypl.org
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