[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Index Formatting Question

Jaime Margalotti jmargalo at udel.edu
Mon Jul 10 15:46:37 EDT 2017

I've been cleaning up old imports and found one with a wonky index.  A
little bit of searching shows that this isn't an uncommon issue.

Before I clean it up, I just want to confirm formatting.  In the
"Reference" field, would I simply need to include the text of the component
level identifier (for example: V.3_343) or would I need to format it as href

Along with the component-level id="V.3_343" tag, the original encoding on
the index end was:

<persname source="local" encodinganalog="600">Agatha, Mother.</persname>
<ref href="V.3_343">v. 3, p. 343</ref>



Jaime L. Margalotti
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Manuscripts and Archives Department
University of Delaware Library
Newark, DE  19717-5267
302-831-0554jmargalo at udel.edu
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