[Archivesspace_Users_Group] bar coding and migration questions

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If the item is the top container, then yes, you can have a barcode.  For example, if you have an item in a folder and the folder is in a box and you want all that information in the record, the top container is the box - so the box would have a barcode but not the folder or  item.  If you have an item and it's not in a folder or box (or no one needs to know if it's in a folder or a box), then the item is the top container and you would barcode it.
I suppose you could create a series/subseries  that's box 1, (or box 1, folder 1) and add the items as children....

As for the Access database import question, the answer is sorta.  You would need to export the data you want out of Access as an Excel spreadsheet.  If your data is spread across multiple tables, you'll need to create a Make Table query that pulls the data you want and saves it into a separated table.  You can then export the resulting table to Excel, rename column headers and the re-order the columns to match the ArchivesSpace mapping tables and import.  Easier said than done but it is possible.


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I have two questions regarding using ArchivesSpace to manage an art collection.
Is it possible to use item-level bar coding with ArchivesSpace?
Can an Access database be imported to ArchivesSpace?


Kelly Smith

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