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We are glad to join to ArchivesSpace community.  We have never used an archival software program so migrating our legacy data over to this software is going to be a major project.  I'm still learning the way AS employs certain terms.  Perhaps one question will begin to clarify matters.  Our archives has historical organized materials based on the materials type.  We have a microfilm collection, a CD collection, an LP collection, manuscripts collections, etc.   I don't think we will be able to migrate all of our accession records.  For the past 30 years we've had a digital accession ledger.  From 1950-1990 our ledger was handwritten.  And prior to 1950 accessions are recorded in a variety of letter, cards, and other loose papers.  I'm using the microfilm collection as a first test case.  My debate has been when I should enter each reel as a separate resource record or whether I should setup the entire Microfilm collection as a resource record which contains the individual "child" items as a part of it.  Or perhaps there are other options that I can't see that would be better.  I'd appreciate any thoughts.  We installed version 1.5.


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