[Archivesspace_Users_Group] XLink value question for DO Instance File Version

Majewski, Steven Dennis (sdm7g) sdm7g at eservices.virginia.edu
Wed Feb 15 16:00:55 EST 2017

Are they full http:|https: URLs ?
( I know there’s some code that, if there is no scheme in the URLs, assumes they are file: URLs and prepends that scheme. That, and some Windows specific backslash hacks should probably be redone. )

Can you give example of the URLs and maybe a screen shot ?

— Steve.

On Feb 15, 2017, at 3:54 PM, Kari R Smith <smithkr at mit.edu<mailto:smithkr at mit.edu>> wrote:

Hi all,
I’m having trouble getting my URLs in the File Version data field to be an actual hyperlinked URL and could use some help.

My XLink Actuate is OnLoad
XLink Show is embed

The behavior I would like to have is for there to be a hyperlink to the digital object but the full URI not display to the user.

I feel like this is something I should be able to do but am having trouble even after trying several combinations of the two XLink values.

We are in version 1.4.2  so would be as happy to hear that this is a known version issue. If that’s the case, what would be my ideal values for my ideal behavior in version 1.5.3?

Thanks very much!

Kari R. Smith
Digital Archivist and Program Head for Born-digital Archives
Institute Archives and Special Collections
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Libraries, Cambridge, Massachusetts
617.253.5690   smithkr at mit.edu<http://mit.edu/>   http://libraries.mit.edu/archives/  @karirene69

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