[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Sorting files alphabetically?

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This probably isn’t very helpful, but so far I’ve only done this type of sorting outside of ArchivesSpace (with regular EAD-to-EAD XSLT transformations, which was helpful when I needed to ignore initial articles in the unit titles, as well as converting an EAD file to an Excel file, sorting in Excel, and then converting that file back to EAD, as demoed here: https://youtu.be/-cFUZsyykr8 ).  There’s a lot to consider with different sort options, especially if different languages are in the mix, but I hope that sorting will be part of ArchivesSpace staff interface in the future.  And I assume that a sorting feature will be considered when updating how the Rapid Data Entry feature works.

I’d also love to know if anyone has examples of how to do this with the ArchivesSpace API.  I’ve been meaning to come up with something to do that, but haven’t had a chance to experiment with anything yet, though I’d assume, for example, that you could write something to pass in an archival object ID, and then sort all of its immediate children alphabetically, by normalized date values, etc.  That’d be pretty handy, too, especially if you could review the sort order before committing to it!


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Thanks Jason. To me this is a key aspect of being able to implement MPLP in a way that is still user-friendly, and distinguishing between physical and intellectual arrangements (i.e. they shouldn’t have to be the same). I hope this is considered for future updates.


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There are presently no alphanumeric sorting options though it seems like this would be a fairly common criteria for lists.
There is a discussion on this matter here:

Jason Loeffler
Technology Consultant | The American Academy in Rome

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Hello everyone:

I have a large collection of files that are physically organized by an ID number present in the records, but would make more sense intellectually to be displayed in alphabetical order.

Using rapid data entry for file level description, I’d like to enter the files based on how they are organized physically in the boxes, but then then re-sort the list alphabetically by title. Is this possible? The only re-ordering options I see are dragging and dropping individually.

Am I missing anything?


Annie Tummino
Archivist & Scholarly Communication Librarian
SUNY Maritime College
atummino at sunymaritime.edu<mailto:atummino at sunymaritime.edu>

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