[Archivesspace_Users_Group] problem with collection-level Digital Object links

Benn Joseph benn.joseph at northwestern.edu
Mon Dec 4 14:53:45 EST 2017

Hi all,
Strange problem here, but perhaps there's an easy solution. For some of our Resource records we're trying to create a collection-level Digital Object that will contain a link to the area on our repository that contains digitized content from those collections. For a collection of glass slides, for instance, will create a collection-level Digital Object with this link as the File URI:


What we've discovered, though, is that even though the whole link is in there, ArchivesSpace somehow drops everything after the question mark and leaves you with:


...which is just a link to the main Images Repository intro page (not very helpful).

So, we decided to get around this by creating an ARK for each publicly available image collection in our Images Repository and using that as the File URI in ArchivesSpace. This works great! But only in Firefox and Internet Explorer. Chrome and Safari take the ARK (http://n2t.net/ark:/81985/n2t19k, for example) and add a question mark ("?") to the end of the url, which results in a page displaying an error message relating to our ARK setup. It appears that ArchivesSpace is adding this question mark, but whereas Firefox just ignores it (and makes it go away), Chrome gets tripped up.

We tried using a bit.ly link in desperation, and it works just fine in all browsers...but we'd prefer not to actually start using bit.ly links in finding aids on our production server. Does anyone know how we can go about creating collection-level Digital Object links to our digitized materials in a stable manner? Seems like ArchivesSpace can link to an image file no problem, but it gets confused with other types of urls.


Benn Joseph
Head of Archival Processing
Northwestern University Libraries
Northwestern University
benn.joseph at northwestern.edu<mailto:benn.joseph at northwestern.edu%0d>

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