[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Our Solution to Running Reports

Daniel L Thacker Daniel.Thacker at tamuk.edu
Fri Apr 28 18:18:06 EDT 2017

We were asked to post our solution once we talked to the LYRASIS Support Desk and resolved our issue.  Here it is:

Our problem was that we couldn't run reports on V1.5.4 and V2.0.0.  The problem, as explained to me by our tech guy, was that when we backed up ArchivesSpace V1.52 to go to V1.5.4 we did a short back-up instead of a long back-up.  The short back-up got all of our data but not the functions from the DB.  We put those functions back and we are now able to run reports.

Here is the part of the conversation to hopefully make it more clear if it isn't already:

LYRASIS Support Desk:

Hi Daniel,
There is something up with the stored functions on your database.
Seeing this:
Java::ComMysqlJdbcExceptionsJdbc4::MySQLSyntaxErrorException: FUNCTION archivesspace.GetAccessionProcessed does not exist
Makes me think your missing at least that one function. You can see it in the code here:
Was your database maybe restored from a backup? You'll need to get those functions restored.

Yes, they were restored from the backup. How do we restore the functions?

LYRASIS Support Desk:

Aha, thank makes sense. If you have the original DB you can pull out the functions, something like:
mysqldump --routines --no-create-info --no-data --no-create-db --skip-opt archivesspace > as-functions.sql
Then you can put those back into your real database:
mysql archivesspace < as-functions.sql
Be sure to back things up before doing that, just in case.
I can pull the functions out from a DB here if you don't have one there you can use, just let me know.
Hope this helps and thank you to everyone who helped and inquired!

Daniel Thacker

Digital Archivist

James C. Jernigan Library

Texas A&M University-Kingsville

MSC 197

700 University Blvd

Kingsville, TX  78363-8202

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