[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Beta PUI snag

Majewski, Steven Dennis (sdm7g) sdm7g at eservices.virginia.edu
Fri Apr 14 15:06:16 EDT 2017

I have a branch here that modifies the build to create both public.war and public-new.war and run them both by default: old public on port 8081, new public on port 8082:


with these changes to the default config:

diff --git a/common/config/config-defaults.rb b/common/config/config-defaults.rb
index 4697548..a8db378 100644
--- a/common/config/config-defaults.rb
+++ b/common/config/config-defaults.rb
@@ -145,7 +145,7 @@ AppConfig[:report_pdf_font_family] = "\"DejaVu Sans\", sans-serif"
 # Plug-ins to load. They will load in the order specified
 AppConfig[:plugins] = ['local',  'lcnaf']
 # The aspace-public-formats plugin is not supported in the new public application
-AppConfig[:plugins] << 'aspace-public-formats' unless ENV['ASPACE_PUBLIC_NEW'] == 'true'
+# AppConfig[:plugins] << 'aspace-public-formats' unless ENV['ASPACE_PUBLIC_NEW'] == 'true'

 # URL to direct the feedback link
 # You can remove this from the footer by making the value blank.
@@ -432,3 +432,5 @@ AppConfig[:pui_email_enabled] = false
 #AppConfig[:pui_email_perform_deliveries] = true
 #AppConfig[:pui_email_raise_delivery_errors] = true
+AppConfig[:public_new_url] = "http://localhost:8082"
+AppConfig[:enable_public_new] = true

So no setting of environment variables required, and you can evaluate new PUI while still running old.

Minimally tested so far, so I don’t yet know if there is a flaw in this scheme due to any resource conflicts.

I still need to fix the public:deverver  targets, but building and running the distribution seems to be working ok for me.

Launcher uses these AppConfig values, so you can turn this option on or off ( on by default ):
diff --git a/launcher/launcher.rb b/launcher/launcher.rb
index 3cba660..239c60b 100644
--- a/launcher/launcher.rb
+++ b/launcher/launcher.rb
@@ -170,6 +170,10 @@ def main
                  {:war => File.join(aspace_base,'wars', 'public.war'), :path => '/'},
                  {:static_dirs => ASUtils.find_local_directories("public/assets"),
                         :path => "#{AppConfig[:public_prefix]}assets"}) if AppConfig[:enable_public]
+    start_server(URI(AppConfig[:public_new_url]).port,
+                 {:war => File.join(aspace_base,'wars', 'public-new.war'), :path => '/'},
+                 {:static_dirs => ASUtils.find_local_directories("public/assets"),
+                        :path => "#{AppConfig[:public_prefix]}assets"}) if AppConfig[:enable_public_new]
                  {:static_dirs => File.join(aspace_base,"docs", "_site"), :path => '/archivesspace'}) if AppConfig[:enable_docs]

Note that there are no duplicate config options for public proxy, prefix, theme or other options.

— Steve Majewski / UVA Alderman Library

On Apr 14, 2017, at 12:18 PM, Mark Cooper <mark.cooper at lyrasis.org<mailto:mark.cooper at lyrasis.org>> wrote:

Hi Lydia,

I just made a build on my laptop and it worked, here are the rough steps:

Stop any currently running instances of aspace and backup / remove the aspace folder
Set the ASPACE_PUBLIC_NEW environment variable to "true" and confirm it's present
Start with a new checkout of the aspace source code (you must use source, not the RC zip)
From the aspace source folder do: ./scripts/build_release -t
Wait for the build to complete
Unzip the new release (where you had aspace previously) and restore config.rb and mysql connector as needed
Make sure ASPACE_PUBLIC_NEW is still present (needed to disable known incompatible plugins)
Fire it up

And it think it's already clear but the new PUI is very much beta, not for production use yet.


Mark Cooper
Technical Lead, Hosting and Support
email: mark.cooper at lyrasis.org<mailto:mark.cooper at lyrasis.org>
skype: mark_c_cooper
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With my very limited technical understanding of the ASpace backend, I just wanted to pass along from my IT team that we attempted to implement the Beta PUI on our test instance but it caused an internal server error.  My IT person described that the instructions for the PUI were for an older version of ASpace (not the 2.0.0 RC2) and were too general to use.  I just wanted to voice this to the community, in case others also have issues trying out the beta PUI or if anyone has any suggestions for implementing it.  Thanks!
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