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Busch, Ed buschedw at campusad.msu.edu
Wed Nov 23 08:56:09 EST 2016

This behavior (selecting Reports under the widget icon by the repository name going to Background Jobs) is also happening on test.archivespace.org instance. I don’t think that’s what it should be doing. Guessing it should go to what I have below.

To get to Reports, go under Create> Background Jobs and select Reports.

Ed Busch
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Hi folks

We’re testing 1.5.1 currently.
In the frontend/admin (8080) area, when clicking on Reports from the dropdown, I am sent to …/jobs rather than …/reports. Putting the full URL (in this case http://lac-archives-test.is.ed.ac.uk:8080/reports) into the browser results in the following error:
Routing Error
uninitialized constant ReportsController
Try running rake routes for more information on available routes.
I’ve had a look at frontend/config/routes.rb , and the reference to

 match 'reports' => 'reports#index', :via => [:get]

looks pretty reasonable, so I was wondering:

  1.  Is this a bug, or is it our installation that is wrong?
  2.  If it is us, where should I be checking/fixing?
Apparently running Background Jobs> Create> Reports doesn’t work either (results inNoMethodError in JobsController#create).
Thanks very much

Scott Renton
Digital Development
Library and University Collections
Argyle House, Floor F
ext: 515219

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