[Archivesspace_Users_Group] A user who is set as manager of a collection can not create containers...

Yvonne Kester ykester at skidmore.edu
Wed Nov 16 09:40:17 EST 2016

Hi Eric,

We had a problem creating top containers a couple months ago. This is the answer I got from Christine:

“There is a permission that needs to be added for the permission group that your user account is part of in order for you to create top containers. See the three options for containers below; there is also one for the new location profile functionality. Have your system administrator (or someone who otherwise has privileges that allow them to manage users) add any permissions you need to your permission group.

[cid:image001.png at 01D23FED.6E85D7B0]

(There’s information about managing users and permission groups in the manual at http://docs.archivesspace.org/Default.htm#UserPermGroupsManage.htm )

I hope this helps!

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I posted this to the list earlier but the list seems more active this week so I thought I’d try again. One of ouse users is manger of a collection but can’t create containers in it here is what they report:

“While attempting to create top containers for instances, I only had access to “browse” but not create. I had management level access at the time. I had to be given admin level access to be able to gain the create button for top containers. The create option disappeared when placed on just admin level access. I had to be placed in both levels of access to be able to create top containers.”

Our server has only been in production for a few weeks and is set-up per the http://www.archivesspace.org recommendations. Our server does authenticate via LDAP (Active Directory) but our users experience is the same using an AD or ArchivesSpace local users. Do you know how we might resolve this or what might be the next steps in troubleshooting? Thanks!


Eric T Gadsby
IT Operations Specialist, Cook Library
Towson University
egadsby at towson.edu<mailto:egadsby at towson.edu>
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