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I'm happy to (try to) answer more in depth questions if you've got 'em, but most directly it is a versioning measure.  Each time a record is saved, the lock_version increases by one.  As we've gone about doing a lot of metadata cleanup here via the API the lock_version has been a constant source of attention/consideration to us as you cannot POST data if there is a lock_version mismatch (this is, indeed, a GOOD thing since it will keep you from posting old data over new!).  It gets complicated, though, given the linking of certain record types to others (e.g. accessions linked to resources).  For example, we intended - during the process of relinking new subject/agent records to all our accessions and resources - to post ALL our resources and accessions in at once.  It ended up that once an accession record was posted with a link to a resource record that the lock versions of BOTH the accession and resource records were upped due to the link between them.  We had to GET fresh resource records (with updated lock_versions), link our subject/agents, and then repost just the resources after doing so first with the accessions.

Hope that makes sense and helps,


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I may be dense but I cannot seem to find an explanation of the lock_version field.  Can anyone explain this field?

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