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Gadsby, Eric T. egadsby at towson.edu
Wed Nov 9 12:07:25 EST 2016

Dear Friends,

We have recently spun up our ArchivesSpace server and one of our archives staff reports the following problem “While attempting to create top containers for instances, I only had access to “browse” but not create. I had management level access at the time. I had to be given admin level access to be able to gain the create button for top containers. The create option disappeared when placed on just admin level access. I had to be placed in both levels of access to be able to create top containers.”

Our server has only been in production for a few weeks and is set-up per the http://www.archivesspace.org recommendations. Our server does authenticate via LDAP (Active Directory) but our users experience is the same using an AD or ArchivesSpace created users.

Thank you in advance for any insight the group can provide.

Eric T Gadsby
Towson University
egadsby at towson.edu<mailto:egadsby at towson.edu>
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