[Archivesspace_Users_Group] limiting API search query to specific record types

Valerie Addonizio vaddoniz at jhu.edu
Wed Nov 9 11:53:21 EST 2016

This is only a guess, but including the endpoint for Resource may do it, here, in your string:


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I am trying to get resource records from the ASpace API, I'm currently using the advanced query example that Chris had posted in 2015.
response = client.get('repositories/3/search?page=1&aq={"query":{"field":"title","value":"Jeremy Blake Papers", "jsonmodel_type":"field_query","negated":false,"literal":true}}')

While this returns the wanted resource record, the api also returns an accession record and a collection control management. So my question: how can I filter to just resource records? I see in the json for any record has a field to  "type"=>["resource"], and there's documentation in the API about using this field in an advanced query:

[String] type – The record type to search (defaults to all types if not specified)

I've tried adding a "type" parameter to a query in numerous ways, such as:
response = client.get('repositories/3/search?page=1&aq={"query":{"field":"title","value":"Jeremy Blake Papers", "jsonmodel_type":"field_query","negated":false,"literal":true, "type": ["resource"] }}')

Can anyone provide some guidance on how to limit results from the search API to specific record types?



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