[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Batch Export of MarcXML

Carlos Lemus carlos.lemus at unlv.edu
Tue Jun 28 18:49:24 EDT 2016

Hello Johna,

My name is Carlos Lemus from the University of Nevada Las Vegas Special
Collections. I was just scrolling through the listserve to see if I missed
any topics related to us and I found your Batch Export of MarcXML question.
I saw that some one answered your question and I was curious about getting
that functionality to work. Then I found under the scripts directory there
is a script called ead_export. You should be able to run this using
"scripts/ead_exports.sh(bat if on mac) username password repo_id" in the
command line from the main directory of your ArchivesSpace. It will export
all the resources into a zip under the data directory of ArchivesSpace.
This will probably take a very long time if you have a lot of records, but
since you brought this to my attention I thought you'd be interested to

On a side thought, knowing this is possible it may also be possible to
create a functionality to select multiple records and batch export them. It
would be an interesting tool to have.

Carlos Lemus
Application Programmer, Special Collections Technical Services
University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
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