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1.    There is a story for the problem with the delete row option on the RDE.  See AR-1424<https://archivesspace.atlassian.net/browse/AR-1424>.

Brad W.

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There used to be a way to delete extra RDE lines.  There was a red “X” at the very far right side of the rows which was very helpful.  Ideally, though, it would be great to have that option on the left side, so a user wouldn’t have to scroll all the way and potentially risk data loss by accidentally clicking in the wrong area.

Also, I wanted to check if the ArchivesSpace team is designing with accessibility considerations?  I was doing a usability test with a blind user working with a screen reader and it was a very disorienting experience for him.  When trying to pull up a search result, the screen reader actually skipped over the Collection, Series, and other overarching components of the collection completely (screen shot of the missed field attached).  I know the Public Interface is currently under development and I hope that accessibility testing will be a part of the development.  Thanks!



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Hi Vakil-

At Dartmouth, for undated objects, we use the “single” date type and then enter “undated” in the expression field. I think that the use of inclusive or bulk in the date type requires actual dates which may be what’s triggering the validation errors you are seeing.

The rapid data entry has always been great in concept but a little squirrely in execution. The buttons which control the addition or removal of rows do not always show and I believe that’s down to the way that the javascript and css are set for the rapid data entry table (though I haven’t dug into that particular bit of code to verify). I’ve discovered two workarounds for this – both are less than optimal…

1)       Only add the number of rows that you know you will need or add them one at a time as needed.

2)       To make the buttons show, you can *usually* force a re-calculation of the rapid data entry table width by limiting the number of visible columns  and then resizing one or more of the column headers. I can usually make a column header smaller and then larger – and repeat a couple of times – which I believe forces a recalculation of the table width and eventually allows the control buttons to show.

In case others have similar issues, I (and everyone at Dartmouth) am using Mac OS and using one of the big three browsers (FF, Safari, Chrome). The behavior above is present in all three browsers and in both AS 1.3 and 1.5 and in all versions of MacOS from 10.9 to 10.11.



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Subject: [Archivesspace_Users_Group] Problems with rapid data entry

When trying to enter a box of 18 files using rapid data entry, some of my folders are undated. The date begin and date end columns don't seem to have an option that allows you to enter a null value, and you can't leave them blank. In AT, I would enter Undated in the date expression field and leave the date begin/end fields blank. At the moment, I'm entering a fake date and then going back after I've saved an deleting the date one by one. That defeats the entire point of the efficiency of rapid data entry.

Also, if I have to stop my work early, there seems to be no way to delete rows after you've created them in rapid data entry, that I can find. Am I missing something?



Vakil Smallen

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