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Speaking as a former member of the UAC Reports subteam, we found that the most (only?) useful report for former AT users was the print-screen report.  Given that, and in addition to feedback from staff here, it sounds to me like the biggest help of all for reporting would be the following:

*         Staff could specify what columns they would like to display in a the search result screen (and multiple dates could display as a list in a single column, whereas description from the notes table couldn't display, just like they didn't in the AT)

*         Staff could take any search result that they produced, like this one, http://sandbox.archivesspace.org/advanced_search?advanced=true&dop1=greater_than&dop2=lesser_than&f0=keyword&f1=create_time&f2=create_time&f3=suppressed&filter_term%5B%5D=%7B%22primary_type%22%3A%22accession%22%7D&op1=AND&op2=AND&op3=AND&t0=text&t1=date&t2=date&t3=boolean&v0=pape%2A&v1=2015-06-30&v2=2016-07-01&v3=false, and then export those results as a CSV file.  And let's pretend, in this case, that the user has also added columns for the Identifier and the Accession Date.  Also, every page of results would need to be exported.  In this example, there are just 3 results, but even if there were 3,333 results, then all of those results should be exported into a single CSV file.

>From my understanding, that's the biggest user request:  as a staff user, I want to select what fields display for my search results (title isn't enough), perform an advanced search, and then export my results.

Right now, for our statistical reports, we just run these "reports" to get our data out with a read-only MySQL user with a few SQL scripts, like this one:

select value as 'Accession type'
, COUNT(*) as 'Total accessions measured in linear feet'
, ROUND(SUM(extent.number), 2) as 'Linear feet'
from accession
left join extent on accession.id = extent.accession_id
left join enumeration_value on acquisition_type_id = enumeration_value.id
(extent_type_id IN (select id
from enumeration_value
where LOWER(value) like '%linear%'))
and repo_id = 11 #hardcoded value for now
and accession.accession_date >= '20151001' #change dates as needed
and accession.accession_date <= '20151231'
group by acquisition_type_id;


P.S.  All that said, I really like Jasper, actually!  But until it's easy to pass in different parameters in the staff interface when running a report (date ranges, search terms, etc.), I don't think it'll be as useful to most ASpace users as being able to export all of their search results in some fashion.

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I can help in regards to getting data out via the API. What are some things you're wanting to get out?


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Hi all

As we begin the second half of the fiscal year and plan for how we will produce our end of year statistical reports, it would be useful to have an update on AS reports.  Specifically, is there a timeline for when we can expect a release that includes improved functionality of the existing reports (date limiting, improved csv exports, etc.)?  Also, have there been any further developments on the approach proposed in the below report from the Reports sub-group in the UAC minutes from November 5th?

currently testing reports to assist features prioritization sub-team; team wants to approach reports in a different way-get data out to use in own way; Brad Westbrook will talk to programmers about getting data out via API; sub-team feels that Jasper is not user friendly-stored reports are difficult to edit or customize unless you are a programmer and difficult to write canned reports that can be used by multiple repositories



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