[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Archon migration SortOrder values

Flanagan, Patrick PJFlanagan at ship.edu
Mon Jan 11 10:10:36 EST 2016

Good morning,

A little while ago I messaged the group about a null pointer exception during migration from Archon -> ArchivesSpace. This question is semi-related to that.

Among the checks to perform before migration is one relating to duplicate SortOrder values in tblCollections_Content. The associated query to perform is: "SELECT ParentID, SortOrder, count(*) from tblCollections_Content Group by ParentID, SortOrder HAVING count(*) > 1;"

I didn't fix that in the current instance I'm migrating because count(*) adds up across 144 rows to be well over 10,000. I'm wondering if that might be the cause of a null pointer exception when attempting to migrate from Archon. A sample of the latest error I've received:

Getting records for: ?p=core/classifications&batch_start=1801
get: https://archon.klnpa.org/psa?p=core/classifications&batch_start=1801
Status code: 200
Status text: Created
response: No matching record(s) found for batch_start=1801
        at org.nyu.edu.dlts.utils.ArchonClient.getRootParent(ArchonClient.java:499)
        at org.nyu.edu.dlts.utils.ArchonClient.getRootParent(ArchonClient.java:520)
        at org.nyu.edu.dlts.utils.ArchonClient.getClassificationRecords(ArchonClient.java:431)
        at org.nyu.edu.dlts.utils.ASpaceCopyUtil.copyClassificationRecords(ASpaceCopyUtil.java:918)
        at org.nyu.edu.dlts.dbCopyFrame$1.run(dbCopyFrame.java:231)
        at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)

I was wondering: are the SortOrder values largely arbitrary? If I write up a quick script just to ensure each one has a unique value, would that potentially solve the issue? It's affecting numerous migration attempts. Thank you for your time,

~Patrick Flanagan
KLN Applications Administrator
Keystone Library Network Hub

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