[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Resequencing - Disk Space used?

Joshua D. Shaw Joshua.D.Shaw at dartmouth.edu
Fri Feb 26 08:25:04 EST 2016

Hey Chris-

It was a temp file somewhere in the usual suspects in Mac OS (/tmp or /private/var/folders, etc). I killed the process before it ate my entire remaining free drive space and before I thought about tracking down the exact location (silly me!). It wasn't immediately obvious what was being written, but it wasn't a mysql log or anything like that in the mysql directories. I'm gonna give it another go today and see if I can be a bit more specific about what and where for the temp file(s).

I'm also going to set the cron times for SOLR and another plugin process that runs as a background job for Jan 1 so that they can't interfere.

It still seems that 100GB(or more) is huge for something like this, unless the process was looping over and over, but the output log indicated that it was still chugging along when I killed it.

Do you have a ballpark for what I should expect to see for usage and duration? I know its probably really dependent on the complexity and number of related objects, but any back of the envelope guess would be good to know.


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Where is this disk space being used? In the MySQL directories?


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Just a quick question for the group. I'm testing how long and resource intensive resequencing would be for our data (it's about a 9GB SOLR index and about 450k archival objects attached to 3500+/- resources. Some of the resources have many thousands of related child AOs. One has 60k+.

Anyway, I started the resequence locally and finally stopped it 10 hours later and 100GB+ temp space on my drive. Anyone have a ballpark feel for whether this is out of line (I think it probably is!) or should I have just waited a bit more? We are running the container management plugin under 1.3.0 since that may be a factor.

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