[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Resequencing - Disk Space used?

Joshua D. Shaw Joshua.D.Shaw at dartmouth.edu
Thu Feb 25 17:57:10 EST 2016

Just a quick question for the group. I'm testing how long and resource intensive resequencing would be for our data (it's about a 9GB SOLR index and about 450k archival objects attached to 3500+/- resources. Some of the resources have many thousands of related child AOs. One has 60k+.

Anyway, I started the resequence locally and finally stopped it 10 hours later and 100GB+ temp space on my drive. Anyone have a ballpark feel for whether this is out of line (I think it probably is!) or should I have just waited a bit more? We are running the container management plugin under 1.3.0 since that may be a factor.

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